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2017 WP Xplor Suspension Review

I did quite a bit of research on different suspension tuners out there, and settled on you guys based on the sheer number of satisfied customers you have on so many different models of KTM’s.  It was obvious when I compared that you not only knew your stuff but have done your homework on the 2017’s.  My 2017 KTM 300 WP XPLOR suspension was horrible out of the box.  It was unbalanced, the forks dove and bottomed while feeling harsh at the same time.  The shock blew thru the stroke and kicked.  After you guys worked your magic my bike is now a completely different machine.  Amazing the difference-with the correct correct setup it rides high in the stroke, no longer bottoms out and can handle everything from whoops to rocky singletrack. It feels plush and gives me much more additional confidence.  Your customer service was exceptional, it was nice to talk to a tech that had real world experience with my exact suspension.  Add me to your long list of satisfied customers!




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